Our passion at Integrity Engineering is creating practical, aesthetic facilities with a focus on cost-effective construction and operation. Integrity Engineering has experience designing a wide variety of residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, religious, lodging, and food service facilities.

Designing buildings that meet the needs of our clients and their project budget is our specialty. We design from a practical architectural-engineering perspective. We consider the natural characteristics of a site and are focused on our client’s goals and needs. We provide most design services in-house on our client’s projects, which includes architectural, site design, structural, mechanical, electrical, geotechnical, environmental, plumbing, and interior design. Our multi-disciplined team of in-house professionals allows us to meet our clients’ needs with creative design solutions that can be constructed cost effectively. By assembling our team of architects and engineers under one roof, communication is streamlined resulting in a more efficient and timely design process to serve our clients.

Site Planning and Development

The effective utilization and proper selection of a building site requires expertise in a variety of areas including storm drainage, transportation, geology, utility analysis, geotechnical engineering, land surveying, and zoning analysis.

Integrity Engineering, Inc provides a full range of services for site development including surveying, grading design, parking lot design, road design, sediment and erosion control plans, storm water conveyance and detention design, materials testing services, construction staking, and water and sewer systems design.

We focus on working with the existing site to minimize construction costs while trying to maintain natural features such as existing vegetation to the largest extent possible. Our multi-disciplined approach to site design allows us to call upon our personnel with expertise in stormwater, geotechnical investigation, traffic engineering, zoning analysis, site grading, environmental analysis and construction estimating and observation. All of these areas of expertise may be required to have input, and to provide our clients with the most cost-effective site design that meets their needs and is in compliance with the governing authorities.

Integrity Engineering is a leader in the planning and engineering design of virtually all types of developments including the following:

  • Business and Industrial Parks
  • Commercial/Retail Developments
  • Mixed Use/New Urban
  • Residential Development
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Large Commercial Sites


Practicality and functionality combined with pleasing visual aesthetics and economical construction are the hallmarks of our commercial and industrial building designs.

Integrity Engineering, Inc has worked with many different industries and commercial entities providing professional services to assist them in constructing or modifying their existing buildings. We have performed complete designs for industrial buildings with floor spaces of up to 80,000 square feet and have also performed major design modifications on building structures.

We have completed a variety of different types of commercial and industrial structures including:

  • Office Complexes
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Government Buildings
  • Recreational Facilitates
  • Community Centers
  • Gymnasiums
  • Financial Institutions, and Retail Centers
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing

We are very careful to listen to our client and design the building facility that meets their specific needs and requirements.


Integrity Engineering, Inc has significant experience in designing functional church building projects to meet various ministry requirements and to accommodate local church short and long-term growth plans.

Integrity Engineering staff have extensive ministry experience in local churches and are familiar with the unique requirements, including community, recreational, performing arts (sanctuary), school (education), retail shops (bookstore) and banquet hall (multi-purpose). Integrity Engineering will work within the local church’s budget to produce practical, aesthetically pleasing church facilities. Integrity Engineering is an experienced company with an excellent track record for successful completion of its projects. The goal of our company is to provide excellent service and creative affordability for each of our clients. We provide a complete project team to ensure a successful building program.

Our project team can also assist in determining the financial capability of what your congregation can safely afford based upon current church financial guidelines, interest rates, and terms. Integrity Engineering can make practical building recommendations to church leadership regarding the size and scope of the project and how it will fit within an individual congregation’s budget.

We are dedicated problem solvers that have helped many local churches complete their building projects on time and under budget. Integrity is committed to assisting church congregations with the planning, design, bidding, and construction phases of your project.


Integrity Engineering, Inc offers full service multi-disciplinary design services for the hospitality industry including hotels, extended stay and multi-family housing units and food service of varying sizes and complexities. We have provided services for restaurants and banqueting facilities, both within hotels or free standing facilities that seat 50-400 patrons.

The incorporation of kitchen and dining areas into an efficient and inviting facility requires a design team that understands the intricacies involved in proper food storage, preparation, workflow, presentation, seating, and waste handling. We have a thorough understanding of state and local food service requirements and incorporate this expertise in our food service projects.

The hospitality industry is continually evolving and requires an understanding of the ever-changing needs of the traveling public. Integrity Engineering staff is familiar with these evolving requirements, and have experience with facility designs for both nation-wide franchise hotels as well as privately owned and operated nonaffiliated hospitality facilities. Our experience includes limited stay facilities as well as larger extended stay complexes.

Integrity Engineering employs an “all under one roof” style of design for these projects which is driven by our passion for completing facilities which are aesthetically pleasing and practical and cost-effective to construct and operate. Our expertise includes architectural design as well as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, site, and structural design for these facilities. By having all the disciplines working from one office, there can be constant interaction between the disciplines, which allows a fully coordinated, very functional and efficient design, which equates to high quality and cost-effective structures. Integrity personnel are very familiar with the construction process, and we are available to complete all aspects of a project including preliminary planning, detailed design, construction documents and full construction monitoring during construction.


The success of any building project hinges on the creation of a comfortable, well lit, and healthful indoor environment. Integrity Engineering, Inc. offers its clients a wide range of Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Design Services that help create these indoor environments. These services include heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), indoor air quality, plumbing, process piping, lighting, power distribution, energy recovery, emergency power, and many other design services for building systems. We stress energy efficiency in all our designs for these systems which help our clients experience facilities with low cost of operation. Our typical design includes an analysis of various system efficiencies and determining the lowest life cycle cost over the useful life of the owner’s facility.

Mechanical and electrical engineering plays a major role in the design of energy-efficient building systems, water treatment & distribution systems, pump stations, wastewater treatment plants, and industrial processes. When tasks arise such as machinery and equipment selection, and overseeing the initial startup of a facility, our firm can provide the necessary mechanical, plumbing, and electrical expertise.

Structural Engineering

The proper design and evaluation of a structure will provide its users with a safe and effective future use.

In addition to designing buildings and structures, Integrity Engineering also offers structural analysis to determine the stability or load carrying capability of existing structural components. We offer a full range of structural engineering services, from initial investigations to construction observation. We utilize industry standard structural design software from full 3D structural analysis for optimization of structural members to foundation investigation and design. Our engineers provide services to design, evaluate, and rehabilitate a wide range of structures.

We have the experience and capabilities to design with many types of materials and varying structure types. Our desire as structural engineers is to provide our clients with the most functional, cost-effective structure that meets their project needs.

In addition to structural analysis of buildings, we analyze and design:

  • Bridges
  • Foundations
  • Retention Structures
  • Retaining Walls
  • Industrial Platforms
  • Equipment Supports
  • Special Structures
  • Failures
  • Structural Inspections