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The success of any building project hinges on the creation of a comfortable, well lit, and healthful indoor environment. Integrity Engineering, Inc. offers its clients a wide range of Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Design Services that help create these indoor environments. These services include heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), indoor air quality, plumbing, process piping, lighting, power distribution, energy recovery, emergency power, and many other design services for building systems. We stress energy efficiency in all of our designs for these systems which help our clients experience facilities with low COO (cost of operation).  Our typical design include analysis of various efficiencies of systems and determining what results in the lowest life cycle cost over the useful life of the owner’s facility.

Most of our mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects are incorporated into our building or infrastructure projects. These projects typically employ the multiple engineering disciplines we offer including, architectural, water, wastewater, drainage and flood control, agricultural processing, and industrial projects. Mechanical and electrical engineering design play a major role in the design of energy-efficient building systems, water treatment & distribution systems, pump stations, wastewater treatment plants, and industrial processes. When tasks arise such as machinery and equipment selection, and overseeing the initial startup of a facility, our firm can provide the necessary mechanical, plumbing, and electrical expertise.

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Mechanical Systems designed by Integrity Engineering, Inc.

Mechanical and electrical engineering design play a major role in the design of energy-efficient building systems.

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