Integrity Engineering, Inc.
Project Description

PCSD No. 1 - Weeks Hollow WWTF

This contract consists of furnishing materials, equipment and labor for the installation of a septage receiving station, a peak flow diversion structure, a 2.25 MGD influent headworks structure with automatic screening and aerated grit removal, an influent pump station, a two basin 1.5 MGD sequencing batch wastewater reactor, ultraviolet radiation disinfection, a rotary sludge screen, two aerobic/anoxic digesters, sludge drying beds, a laboratory/workshop building, 32 standard 4ӯ manholes, approximately 1,364 LF of 24ӯ, 4,090 LF of 21ӯ, 90 LF of 20ӯ, and 56 LF of 15ӯ gravity influent and effluent sewer, and 2,457 LF of access roads, including all the equipment, controls and related appurtenances making a complete wastewater treatment facility.


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