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Surveying/Mapping Land/Const./Topo./ALTA Surveying

Our staff has performed hundreds of surveys for various government agencies, communities, commercial enterprises, and private individuals.

Integrity Engineering, Inc. employs the latest in computer and surveying technology to assist in total electronic “field to finish” design; thereby reducing human errors and providing more timely and cost effective services.  The company uses the Javad electronic real time kinetic Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to collect field data and to establish reference points.  With our specialized GPS equipment, we can perform topographic and land surveying in areas where most other surveyors and engineers have to utilize more time consuming surveying methods.  The Javad can lock into the US GPS as well as the Glonass satellite systems and provides us with great accuracy and precision in the most demanding of sites.

Designs and plats are produced using state-of-the-art computer software: Eagle Point, Land Development Desktop with AutoCAD, and ESRI ArcGIS.  By utilizing these technologies and by employing highly trained and experienced personnel, we provide the highest quality and most cost effective services for our clients.

Our professional staff, working as project managers and lead surveyors for other firms and agencies, has performed literally hundreds of surveys for the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, Corps of Engineers, as well as for private, commercial and local communities.

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SURVEYING/MAPPING - Land/Const./Topo./ALTA Surveying - Geographic Info. Systems/Mapping


Our staff is experienced in:

Cadastral Surveys

• ALTA/ACSM Surveys
• Boundary and Lot Surveys
• GLO Retracement Surveys
• Control Surveys


• Topographic Surveys
• Parcel/Utility Mapping
• Global Position Surveying (GPS)
• Control Surveys

Engineering Surveys

• Grading
• Route Surveys
• Flood Studies
• Construction Staking

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